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Camden Hay

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Camden Hay
hay making

We have been making hay for 30 years.

These are important factors for both hay and silage

  • Inspect your paddock with careful walk over of paddock to ensure the path is clear for the $50,000 mower
  • Check if the window of weather is favourable to give at least 7 days
  • Mow the paddock
  • Let the mown hay wilt to dry

For silage

  • After no more than 48 to 72 hours bale the hay into a round bale with Edgewrap net
  • Wrap the baled hay immediately in Silotite plastic
  • Stack the bales in the corner of the paddock

For hay

  • Rake the cut hay into windrows
  • Check the hay water content with a moisture meter
  • Turn the hay with a rake to ensure even drying until the moisture content is down to within the range of 11% to 14%
  • Bale the hay into either round bales or small squares
  • Stack or move bales of hay in to covered storage

Call Nick on 0412 448 835 to discuss any aspects of the hay making process.




Wrapping Silage

Camden Hay : Making Hay

Camden Hay : Making Hay